Community Setting

At Open Skies Acupuncture, treatment is received in a relaxing community setting. Typically, acupuncture in the United States is given privately in a room by one's self. We feel that this is similar to going out to eat in an empty restaurant. There is just something missing. A healthy group setting has many benefits. Friends and family can receive treatment along side one another, and individuals can decide how long they want their treatment to last. Lastly, receiving acupuncture in a community setting creates a palpable calming and healing atmosphere that enhances the benefits of acupuncture itself.

Affordable Care

We operate under a simple payment philosophy. Pay what you can, $25-45, no questions asked. Research and thousands of years of clinical experience has shown that acupuncture is most effective when done frequently and regularly. The purpose of our sliding scale is to separate the issues of treatment and money. Simply put, we want you to come in as often as you need to get and stay healthy. We do not ask for income verification, we ask only that you pay the amount that will allow you to get the treatment that you need.