What to Expect

Welcome to Open Skies Acupuncture! And Congratulations! You have made the first step towards a healthier way of living and being. Whether you are here because you are looking for a way out of chronic pain management, are coming down with a cold, or just sprained your ankle, we can help.  If you are looking to feel better and have less stress in your life, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can do that as well.  We are here for you.

Many of our clients have never experienced acupuncture before.  Whether this is your first time, or you have seen other practitioners, we want you to feel comfortable and prepared.

Please see Acupuncture FAQs if your questions are not answered below.

Wondering if Acupuncture is for you? Check out our Conditions Treated page, and detailed description of our Services for more information.

Our Reception Area

  • We have a help-your-self style of reception.
  • Place your payment in an envelope and place the envelope in the drop-box.
  • If you are paying with credit/debit, you will need assistance.
  • Schedule your next appointment in the book, when you come in or as you leave.

At Your First Visit

  • Wear comfortable clothing that is loose or stretchy.
  • Your appointment will last about an hour.
  • Your session will take place in our community treatment room, in a comfortable recliner. Please relax and enjoy the peace and quiet during your session!
  • Your session will start with a detailed medical intake, including some forms about your medical history, your lifestyle, and your current condition.
  • There is an additional $10 paperwork fee on your first visit.
  • We will discuss your treatment goals.
  • We will perform a brief medical assessment.  We will take your blood pressure, feel your pulse, and look at your tongue. (These are diagnostic techniques in Oriental Medicine.)
  • We will share information with you about our assessment and approach to care.
  • Your treatment will include an acupuncture session, using acupuncture points primarily on your arms, legs, and head.
  • We will discuss an individualized plan for your future treatment.
  • Our costs are low so you can afford to come as frequently as you need to.
Your Acupuncturist Will
  • Learn about your health goals.
  • Get to know you as a person.
  • Develop a sense of how your symptoms relate to each other and the underlying cause.
  • Create a partnership with you in reaching your optimal health.
At Follow-Up Visits
  • Follow-up appointments usually last about an hour.
  • We get a sense of how your health has changed or stayed the same.
  • We will assess our previous treatment plan, and create a more targeted one.
  • There are times when maladies can be remedied in a single treatment, but more often it may take five treatments or more to bring your body to a place where it can maintain and hold a new level of health. This all depends on your specific situation.
  • Our goal is to help you reach and maintain your optimal state. Once we have addressed your acute issues, you may consider a maintenance plan of regular treatments.
  • Our costs are low so you can afford to come as frequently as you need to.
Get Started Today!  To schedule an appointment, call 719-588-7113 or just walk in!