Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is the largest organized herbal system in existence. In China, it is considered to be a very powerful form of therapy that is used to treat most conditions. Due to its long history of usage, the workings of the classical herbal formulas are extremely well understood.

In our clinic we prescribe Chinese herbs both as a complement to acupuncture treatments and as a primary form of therapy. Chinese herbal medicine can help change unhealthful balances and patterns, resulting in decreased allergy symptoms, increased energy, improved digestion, improved sleep, and regulated menstrual cycles. The herbs are particularly effective with chronic problems as well as the more acute versions of the common cold or flu, which do not respond as readily to Western medicines.

Chinese herbal medicine and the process of creating an herbal formula is an extremely scientific and delicate process, as formulas are often custom made and tailored as the individual progresses toward health and wellness; until the point comes when they no longer need the formula.  This can take as little as a week or as long as months to establish a level of health that the body can maintain.  Herbal medicine is often given as a therapeutic tea, which is the most preferred and effective method used China.  This can come in different forms, from raw herbs that are boiled, to extracts of herbs that dissolve in water, to compressed herbs taken as pills.  Helping you achieve your wellness goal is our highest priority and the form of administration that is most effective for you will be prescribed.  When used properly, Chinese herbal medicine is nothing short of magical in its effectivness.

At present we do not have a complete herbal pharmacy on site due to logistical and spacial restrictions.  Depending on the specific herbals needed, medicine can be ordered and delivered directly to patients homes.