Patient Results

I’ve always been interested in alternative therapies.  Tanner was really able to go beyond my obvious symptoms and see the whole system.  The needle treatments I received brought immediate relief to the acute problems, and the herbs I took for the next few days not only cleared my skin up but also regulated my digestion and allowed me deeper sleep.  I feel like he got to the root of the issue and highly recommend him to others for acupuncture and herbal treatment.



I was hesitant to receive acupuncture because I am sensitive and was worried about the needles hurting.  I was getting really bad headaches while I was pregnant and people kept telling me to try acupuncture. Tanner made me feel very comfortable by showing me the needles and explaining everything to me before the session.  I was surprised by how much the treatment helped – my headache was almost gone after about 20 minutes and my tight neck muscles felt much looser. I continued to see him for my headaches, with great results every time. I definitely recommend acupuncture from Tanner. His needle technique is excellent and he is very personable.



I didn’t really have a specific problem, I just wanted to receive acupuncture since I had never tried it before.  I was impressed that Tanner could accurately assess me and the bigger picture very quickly, with only a little bit of information, like taking my pulse.  He found a lot of tightness in my back that I didn’t know was there and helped me relax. With just a few needles I felt my whole back open up and get looser. He was able to help me realize ways that I can relax differently that I haven’t even thought of, and make me see some things I didn’t realize about the patterns of tension in my body.  Even though I didn’t go in with a “problem”, the treatment affected me very positively.