Medical Philosophy

Chinese Medicine comes from an understanding that the human body is like an ecosystem.  The ancient doctors that carved the first principles of Chinese Medicine on turtle shells over 2500 years ago wrote about this.  They and all their predecessors stressed that a person’s health and their ability to overcome set-backs in their health was based on a balance of the forces that animate and  breathe life into the human body.  They saw this importance in our health because they understood it within the natural world around them.  When things were a little off-kilter, there would be a whole shift within the ecosystem or within the individual.  If balance was restored, disease cleared up, pain disappeared, and a person’s natural vitality and health returned.

In Chinese Medicine it is important to note that our goal in all circumstances is to bring a natural balance back to the body.  We have found that once balance is established and maintained, a person’s natural vigor, strength, energy, and will-power return to the level at which they are meant to be. This often far exceeds what we thought was attainable.  This balance produces a synergism that makes everything function better. Sleep is more restful, the immune system becomes stronger, energy levels rise, chronic disorders disappear, and stress levels decrease.  Our medicine believes that health is something that you can almost see as a shine in peoples’ eyes; that each individual should have a vibrance in their spirit and be light in their step when they are in this state of healthy balance.  With Chinese Medicine, it is our job to bring on and encourage this state of balance. Once we have it, the body can and will do all the rest.